Workshops & Lectures

  • Pipe Organ Tuning in the Wilhelmy Style.
  • Pipe Organ Conservation is a class for pipe organ owners and church members seeking to better understand the instrument in their care, and to create a conservation plan for that instrument to prepare it for the next generation.
  • Experiencing the Fundamentals of the Pipe Organ is an excellent compliment to an Academic Degree Program focused on Organ Performance. This certificate program allows the performer to partner more effectively with the musical machine under their fingers and toes.
  • Innovations in Pipe Organ Design and Building is a great way to expand on a Pipe Organ Building apprenticeship, gaining skills, refining processes, and empowering creativity.
  • Organ Building with Light & Color: We teach professional pipe building with a variety of glass working techniques.  Graduates know how to make reed and flue pipes from glass.
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